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Google Awords

[Magnet link]   649 files total 13.85 GB,  Creaded on 2016-06-30,  Popularity:731

497.38 MBإدارة الإعلانات من خلال الانترنت #Adwords #ديجتاليزر - Session4.mp4
483.24 MB3KillerPPCTactics.avi
324.52 MB2TheKeyToKeywords.avi
303.56 MB1AdwordsBasics.avi
199.77 MBComprehensive PPC Training Learn Adwords & Facebook Ads/Udemy - Online Courses from the World's Experts_9.mp4
187.71 MBThe Complete Google AdWords Course- Beginner to Advanced! - Skillshare/61 Google Adwords display campaigns to similar users and editing interests.MP4
178.68 MBComprehensive PPC Training Learn Adwords & Facebook Ads/Udemy - Online Courses from the World's Experts_37.mp4
147.61 MBThe Complete Google AdWords Course- Beginner to Advanced! - Skillshare/42 How to handle Google AdWords errors for trademark requirements.MP4
128.77 MBGoogle AdWords Tutorial on Vimeo.MP4
125.89 MBThe Complete Google AdWords Course- Beginner to Advanced! - Skillshare/20 How to quickly try a new landing page in Google AdWords and copy ad groups.MP4
118.94 MBContent Marketing on Vimeo.MP4
111 MBThe Complete Google AdWords Course- Beginner to Advanced! - Skillshare/38 Google AdWords for conversions review negative keywords, copying ads, locations.MP4
104.89 MBComprehensive PPC Training Learn Adwords & Facebook Ads/Udemy - Online Courses from the World's Experts_13.mp4


[Magnet link]   26 files total 9.79 GB,  Creaded on 2016-06-03,  Popularity:90

435.02 MB1/PM - S05 - Vol 2- D03 - E149 - E26 - The Case of the Borrowed Baby.mp4
417.99 MB1/PM - S05-V02-D01 - E143 - E20 - The Case of the Poison Pen-Pal.mp4
412.61 MB1/PM - S05-V02-D02 - E146 - E23 - The Case of the Absent Artist.mp4
408.01 MB1/PM - S05 - Vol 2- D03 - E148 - E25 - The Case of the Angry Astronaut.mp4
406.89 MB1/PM - S05-V02-D01 - E141 - E18 - The Case of the Tarnished Trademark.mp4
403.09 MB1/PM - S05-V01-D02-E128 - E05 - The Case of the Crying Comedian.mp4
401.96 MB1/PM - S05-V01-D01-E126 - E03 - The Case of the Missing Melody.mp4
401.8 MB1/PM - S05-V02-D02 - E147 - E24 - The Case of the Melancholy Marksman.mp4
399.36 MB1/PM - S05-V01-D01-E124 - E01 - The Case of the Jealous Journalist.mp4
397.32 MB1/PM - S05-V02-D02 - E145 - E22 - The Case of the Crippled Cougar.mp4
395.67 MB1/PM - S05-V01-D01-E127 - E04 - The Case of the Malicious Mariner.mp4
389.57 MB1/PM - S05-V01-D03-E132 - E09 - The Case of the Posthumous Painter.mp4
384.6 MB1/PM - S05-V01-D04 - E139 - E16 - The Case of the Shapely Shadow.mp4

Hot Lynda.com - Podcasting. Business and Law

[Magnet link]   22 files total 201.34 MB,  Creaded on 2016-06-02,  Popularity:5733

19.97 MB017 Taxes.mp4
18.55 MB012 Podcast income.mp4
17.37 MB015 Trademark registration.mp4
15.77 MB004 Using music in your podcast.mp4
15.21 MB006 Responding to legal complaints.mp4
14.67 MB016 Copyright registration.mp4
13.26 MB009 Defamation (libel) concerns.mp4
12.75 MB003 Choosing the right name.mp4
12.42 MB005 Your right to use interviews.mp4
11.96 MB014 Choosing your business form.mp4
9.7 MB007 Government regulations.mp4
9.5 MB008 Copyright and fair use.mp4
8.72 MB010 Other ways lawsuits are triggered.mp4

Understanding trademarks {AM}

[Magnet link]   14 files total 431.46 MB,  Creaded on 2016-05-07,  Popularity:3753

60.13 MB6 Conclusion/365070_06_01 - Common trademark FAQs.mp4
48.85 MB2 Due Diligence/365070_02_02 - Searching USPTO, Google, and a state trademark database.mp4
39.37 MB4 Dealing with a Refusal/365070_04_01 - Responding to a refusal for trademark.mp4
36.95 MB1 Overview of Trademark Law/365070_01_01 - What is a trademark_.mp4
35.56 MB5 Infringement/365070_05_01 - What is infringement_.mp4
31.98 MB3 Registration of a Trademark/365070_03_02 - Overview of registration process.mp4
31.05 MB3 Registration of a Trademark/365070_03_01 - Understanding trademark registration.mp4
30.71 MB2 Due Diligence/365070_02_03 - Analyzing search results.mp4
26.15 MB0 Introduction/365070_00_01 - Welcome.mp4
24.87 MB4 Dealing with a Refusal/365070_04_02 - Opposing or canceling a trademark.mp4
24.79 MB5 Infringement/365070_05_02 - Handling infringement on your mark.mp4
20.88 MB5 Infringement/365070_05_03 - Responding to an infringement claim.mp4
20.17 MB2 Due Diligence/365070_02_01 - What is due diligence_.mp4

Hot Rights of Publicity {AM}

[Magnet link]   10 files total 305.61 MB,  Creaded on 2016-04-14,  Popularity:5079

68.62 MB1 Understanding Rights of Publicity/365279_01_05_LA30_fair.mp4
35.13 MB2 Conclusion/365279_02_01_MM30_FAQ.mp4
33.21 MB1 Understanding Rights of Publicity/365279_01_01_MM30_introduction.mp4
32.49 MB1 Understanding Rights of Publicity/365279_01_02_MM30_license.mp4
32.18 MB1 Understanding Rights of Publicity/365279_01_07_MM30_trademark.mp4
28.88 MB1 Understanding Rights of Publicity/365279_01_03_MM30_infringement.mp4
28.77 MB1 Understanding Rights of Publicity/365279_01_04_MM30_first.mp4
25.11 MB0 Introduction/365279_00_01_WL30_welcome.mp4
21.23 MB1 Understanding Rights of Publicity/365279_01_06_MM30_domain.mp4
4.81 KBAM.Torrents.nfo

Hot All About Copyright

[Magnet link]   20 files total 124.57 MB,  Creaded on 2016-02-03,  Popularity:10563

14.57 MB02 Everything You Need to Know About Copyright/008 What is Work Made for Hire How Does it Apply to Me as a Content Creator.mp4
14.34 MB02 Everything You Need to Know About Copyright/003 What is Copyright, Rights of Copyright Owner, What Copyright Doesnt Cover.mp4
13.28 MB01 Course Introduction/001 Copyright Course Introduction.mp4
11.77 MB02 Everything You Need to Know About Copyright/006 Whats the Difference between Copyright vs. Trademark vs. Patent.mp4
11.66 MB07 Course Wrap-up/015 Course Summary Final Words.mp4
8.35 MB05 Defense to Copyright Infringement -- Fair Use/013 Fair Use Defense -- How to Use Copyrighted Work without Getting in Trouble.mp4
8.26 MB02 Everything You Need to Know About Copyright/007 International Copyright - How Do I Get Copyright Protection Internationally.mp4
6.7 MB02 Everything You Need to Know About Copyright/004 3 Most Important Rules of Copyright You Need to Know.mp4
6.5 MB03 Copyright Infringement How to Avoid Infringing on Someone Elses Copyright/011 Whats the Penalty for Copyright Infringement.mp4
5.93 MB04 Protect Your Work by Registering Your Copyright/012 How Do I Protect My Work by Registering My Copyright.mp4
5.71 MB01 Course Introduction/002 How to Make the Most of this Course.mp4
4.89 MB05 Defense to Copyright Infringement -- Fair Use/014 Public Domain -- Are Facts, Numbers, and Ideas Okay to Use.mp4
4.56 MB03 Copyright Infringement How to Avoid Infringing on Someone Elses Copyright/010 What If Im Caught for Copyright Infringement.mp4

20131217 China Bans Transfers (Confirmed) -- Denmark Bitcoin OK -- Russia Tries trademark

[Magnet link]   3 files total 73.21 MB,  Creaded on 2015-09-24,  Popularity:31

73.18 MBChina Bans Transfers (Confirmed) -- Denmark Bitcoin OK -- Russia Tries Trademark-qQoq9G0tZy8.mp4
23.75 KBYoutubeInfo.json
2.97 KBShowNotes.md


[Magnet link]   71 files total 759.47 MB,  Creaded on 2015-08-30,  Popularity:1

216.05 MBAction Movies Full Movie English - Sci-Fi, Mysteri Movies [BOSO].3gp
125.47 MBAction Movies 2015 Full movie English Hollywood - Adventure Movies [HD].3gp
72.04 MBKim, Maja in Say Something dance showdown.wav
42.02 MBSa Aking Puso (Acoustic) - Jehaziel Alburo & Ralph Triumfo.mp4
27.62 MBOnly Love - Trademark with lyrics (cover by Jehaziel Alburo).mp4
22.2 MBThe One That Got Away - Katy Perry (cover by Jehaziel Alburo).mp4
20.27 MBI'll be there for you (Aiza) - Jehaziel Alburo.mp4
20.23 MBSomeone Like You - Adele - Jehaziel Alburo.mp4
15.3 MBMaalala mo sana by Silent Sanctuary.mp4
7.09 MBBest Action movies 2015 full movie english hollywood - New Action Movies, Thriller movies.mp4.flv
5.09 MBThinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (LYRICS) Album Version.3gp
4.98 MBThinking Out Loud - Julie Anne San Jose Cover (Audio).mp3

Lynda - Understanding trademarks - A Deeper Dive with Dana Robinson

[Magnet link]   13 files total 414.6 MB,  Creaded on 2015-08-28,  Popularity:1149

59.93 MB07. Conclusion/07_01-Common trademark FAQs.mp4
48.64 MB03. Due Diligence/03_02-Searching USPTO, Google, and a state trademark database.mp4
39.29 MB05. Dealing with a Refusal/05_01-Responding to a refusal for trademark.mp4
36.7 MB02. Overview of Trademark Law/02_01-What is a trademark.mp4
35.51 MB06. Infringement/06_01-What is infringement.mp4
31.12 MB04. Registration of a Trademark/04_01-Understanding trademark registration.mp4
31.07 MB04. Registration of a Trademark/04_02-Overview of registration process.mp4
30.88 MB03. Due Diligence/03_03-Analyzing search results.mp4
24.92 MB05. Dealing with a Refusal/05_02-Opposing or canceling a trademark.mp4
24.82 MB06. Infringement/06_02-Handling infringement on your mark.mp4
20.86 MB06. Infringement/06_03-Responding to an infringement claim.mp4
20.06 MB03. Due Diligence/03_01-What is due diligence.mp4
10.79 MB01. Introduction/01_01-Welcome.mp4

Hot The trademark Experience Anal Edition Porn Music Video 1080p

[Magnet link]   5 files total 825.24 MB,  Creaded on 2015-03-17,  Popularity:7567

819.86 MB/PMV - Anal Edition.mp4
2.03 MB/PMV - Anal Edition 03.png
1.96 MB/PMV - Anal Edition 02.png
1.08 MB/PMV - Anal Edition 01.png
323.83 KB/PMV - Anal Edition.jpg

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